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Personnel policy and concept

Driven by the mission of “Create values for employee”, Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group has generated a suitable concept of talent as its creed------this people-oriented Group believes that anyone can be invaluable by given right position. Over the years, GD Group has been placing human resources strategy as top priority for development. By strictly following “No pain, no gain” principle and providing employees with decent working condition, the Group is able to cultivate some outstanding managers and technology leaders for further development. GD Group has established a comprehensive, multi-level employee training system. The Group provides on-the-job graduate class and top up degree cooperated with famous universities. This has cultivated a number of technicians and management experts. Based on case, the Group also conducts training for employees to enhance their skills so that they are qualified for advanced work. By doing that, GD Group created a miracle in brass industry, achieving mutual benefit for both Group and employees; Casting an elite team of "understanding, Tolerance, Loyalty, Solidarity Respect, Learning, Exceeding, innovation”; creating a well-known brand of copper tube and become the largest copper tube manufacturer in the world.GD Group sincerely looks forward you to join us. Let your dreams and ambitions realized in GD!

1、Compensation and benefits

• GD Group has set up a regional competitive salary standard in the industry.

• Following the principal of “no pain, no gain”.

• There are multiple forms of compensation systems.


• Basic salary

• Bonus

• Innovation award

3、Labor contact

• After a six-month of probation period, the prospective official staff will be offered to sign the labor contract for a term of three to five years.

4、Job arrangement

• New participators shall receive internship training during the probation period.

• The human resources office takes the responsibility to the post assignment.

5、Office hour

• Eight hours a day, five days a week

•Winter: 8:00-12:00am 1:30-5:30pm Summer 8:00-12:00am 2:00-6:00pm

• Vacations are performed in accordance with the national statutory holidays, except for inters whose are modified to the specific conditions.

6、Social insurance & housing found

• The official employees obtain the right to social insurance and housing found in accordance with the labor security department.

7、Accommodation facilities

• Apartment, with air-conditioner, television, wardrobe and Internet, is provided to new participator, each of whom will be charged rmb20 (utilities-exclusive) per month.

8、Golden Dragon Garden

• As a milestone and symbolic building of GD Group, Golden Dragon Garden has provided its staff a comfortable dwelling environment, and the slogan of “I love GD and GD loves me” would be the best evidence of that.

•Golden Dragon Garden has had a general construction plan of 55 villas and 13 high-rise flats which totally hold 1200-1400 families. At present it has completed nine high-rise flats. Its various households are fully capable of satisfying the residents.


• Free buffet lunches are provided in staff canteen for each office day.

10、Employee Training

•Every new participator shall accept his or her corresponding pre-job training.

• “Senior-Help-New” plan enables new employee to meet career requirement as soon as possible.

•Excellent staffs have the opportunity to work abroad.

• There are several kinds of forums, such as corporate culture forum, management forum, and technology forum.

11、Career and Return

• GD Group guarantees each qualified staff a successful career.


• Healthy

• Graduation certificate, academic degree certificate, CET-4 certificate and employment registration certificate are required.

• We select our new employees with creativity ability and are professional, diligent, responsible, enterprising and compatible with GD COPPER Culture under the moral character of integrity.


•Contact us: send e-mail to HR Office.

14、Contact HR Office

• E-mail: subject format: Name + Graduate school + Major + Application)

• Tel:0373—2682641 Fax:0373—2682182

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